The feeling of being stuck

Crazy how life sometimes gets in the way of everything isn’t it? I keep promising myself to write more, but then school and a lack of sleep happens. This semester is a busy one and it is a humbling experience to say the least. I often find myself wondering if this is what I really want. Becoming a vet is something I’ve wanted since I was little, but I’ve always been aware of the fact that this will be an incredibly tough journey. Biology and chemistry I have always found interesting but math and physics are a struggle. I have never been a genius at the science related subjects, but I am strong with languages and working with people.

This raised the question on whether or not I should be doing this. My degree as a vet tech can’t really be used to get into a university of applied sciences here in Denmark, unfortunately, but it can in the Netherlands and Finland. Returning to the Netherlands wouldn’t be as easy as it may sound, since we lost our home when my mom died, I can’t just move in with a family member or a friend and I don’t feel like racking up a ton of debt before the age of 30. One also doesn’t just casually to Finland without taking all of the risks into consideration either. It’s almost like trying to solve a complicated puzzle.

I’ve been looking around at different educations a lot, and currently Adventure Tourism and perhaps a degree in Business sound the most exciting to me. But then the ”what if” thought pops up. What if I quit what I am doing now, only to find out that I could have easily passed through this GED course and gotten into vet school? Or what if I get into vet school, but my love and I won’t be able to close the distance for another decade or so? Am I wanting to spend another 10 years struggling or do I choose something that fits my strengths best and pursue that? Tough decisions and no one to help me but myself.

As I’m getting older, I realise that there are many different things out there, exciting things and that vet school may not be the end all be all in life. I used to really have my eyes on the prize, become successful and be respected, but lately my mood has shifted a lot. Be it because I’ve been following my heart more now than ever, but I’ve come to realise that being successful isn’t always what makes you happy. And the art of being successful – what does it even mean? Does it mean having a lot of money in the bank, a big house, having people respect you because of your academia or is it just as simple as being at peace and happy?

In the end, being successful is a very subjective thing, since it isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing. For some it is wealth and I guess that I’m still trying to figure it all out.

For as long as I can remember I have been seeking for happiness and I still haven’t gotten there just quite yet. I guess obtaining it means making tough decisions and maybe even breaking some hearts and hurting some feelings on the way. But I have gotten to a point where I feel stuck. I want to be unapologetically myself, but it’s easier to keep up the appearance that people have gotten from me over the years. Eventually I will figure it out, I hope, but for now I feel stuck. And it sucks.

Have any of you out there ever felt stuck and if you did, how did you break free? I could use some tips..

– Naiyee


4 thoughts on “The feeling of being stuck

  1. I think everyone at some time in life feels stuck. For me setting a goal and then outlining the steps to achieve this goal really helped when I felt stuck. Of course I’m still working towards this goal but when I feel like I’m not making progress I just have to remind myself that everything takes time and if things were just handed to us there would be little value to them. Also going for a quick drive really helps to clear the head 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! That’s some really good advice. I’ve been trying to tell myself that things take time, but sometimes my impatience gets the best of me. I guess I should really keep reminding myself that good comes to those who wait and to make time for the things I need in order to clear my head! I hope I’ll eventually get there! I hope you’ll get to achieve those goals you’re working on!


  2. Hej Nennah. Din blog har rørt mig meget, for jeg kender godt til følelsen. Jeg har været i en – lidt- lignende situation. Jeg var i praktik i London, og på en ferie hjemme i Danmark mødte jeg en fyr jeg faldt for med det samme. Jeg afsluttede min praktik før tid og flyttede ind hos ham ca halvanden måned efter jeg havde mødt ham. Jeg fulgte altså mit hjerte 100%.. Noget jeg aldrig tidligere har gjort. Det er mit livs bedste beslutning. Det er mere end 2,5 år siden nu, og vi er så lykkelige sammen. Det er så nemt at sige “følg dit hjerte”, men jeg tror bare det er det eneste rigtige.
    Jeg tror på, at hvis man har den ægte kærlighed i sit liv, så kan man klare alt.. Også selvom det måske betyder at sidde i kassen i den lokale Netto.
    Jeg håber du finder en indre ro snart ❤ Kram


    1. Åhh Pernille, tak for din søde kommentar! Det, du siger er jeg fuldstændig enig i! Jeg har nu også nået et punkt hvor jeg gerne vil følge mit hjerte, det gør jeg virkelig, men lige nu er mit problem dog at jeg er så tæt på min dyrlæge drøm, at jeg ikke rigtig tør at give det op endnu. Altså, sidste gang jeg fulgte mit hjerte endte jeg med at flytte til Danmark i stedet for at læse videre eller at starte min karriere som veterinærsygeplejerske haha! Men du har ret! At følge hjertet er det eneste rigtige at gøre. Jeg tror nok at jeg skal se hvordan det går det her semester og så laver jeg nok en beslutning.. ❤


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